CologneXchange - Swap / Sell the Cologne you dont reach out to often

Introducing CologneXchange

There is a common problem with every FragHead , Too Many Options.
Our Perfumologist, Came up with Below Solution,
Everyday 10 Sprays = 1ml , That means 100ml will last 100 Days .
Thats 3 Months , Means 4 Bottles of Perfumes will last you an Year.
But , We want to try and Explore more. 
Its really Essential to have a fixed Bottle Target , Say 20 or 30 or 40 Bottles.
Meanwhile , You keep Rotating your bottles .


Answer is Via CologneXchange
Its a Consumer to Consumer approach , rather FragHead to FragHead Approach.

What about Authenticity?

We did think a lot about it.
Once a Fragrance is bought by you , We get it picked up and deliver at our HeadQuarter.
Where we QC the bottle , Repack in Standard Perfumery box and ship it to you. 

Sounds Great? 

And its pretty much Automated. 
We are Onboarding First 100 Beta Users!
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How Do i get paid?

We pay Via Bank Transfer (20% Fee) , Or Store Credit(10% Fee) 
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