Shipping, Returns and Replacements!




We Use for Safely Shipping Perfumes , all Shipments are Insured and all Orders are shipped in Super Express Mode.

We have Flexible Return and Replacement Policy , Below are Highlights.

Wrong Products Delivered or Damage in Transit are Covered 100% under Returns and Replacements.

All Products which has Quality Issues are also Covered , But Subject to Verification.

Fragrances are Personal and Subjective , Products which you did not like Or Which was bought blindly are not covered under Returns and Replacement.

Further Any Changes in product by Brand itself are also not covered , Like Reformulations Etc. (TO know weather a fragrance was reformed or not google for Fragrance Name followed by Reformulation Example:- " La Nuit Reformulation"

Most Testers and Retail Packs are 10 Pointers and Most Damaged Box Products are 9 Pointers By Default.

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